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By this point it is OBVIOUS that JK Rowling has never and will never care about giving us LGBT characters.

She didn’t do it in the first 7 books, despite how well many of her characters fitted into the lgbt narrative (remus lupin, seamus and dean, etc)

Neither she did in The Cursed Child, despite how easy it would have been for her. It was 2016, the lgbt comunity had been asking her about it for years, and the media had never been more open to lgbt characters. Plus, Albus and Scorpius’ arcs and chracters fitted TOO well into the lgbt trope.

And now this whole drama with Dumbledore? Who is supposedly openly gay? Her ONLY lgbt character that she so proudly talked about?

She claims to be inclusive and open but she isn’t, and she likes to be praised for it despite doing nothing to minimal effort, ignoring her own fans and critics.

TL;DR: She needs to stop pretending, she doesn’t care at all. She had her chances and she didn’t take them.

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